Space Agency Support

Please have a read through these frequently asked questions before emailing support:

Can you add the Space Shuttle?
If I could, I would. Problem is, it's technically tricky due to the game being 2D. Think about it...the shuttle would need to be face/top down during launch, and then side-on in space...which way would it face during docking? How would I handle the transitions graphically? It is way, way too tricky.

How do you unlock the parts in the Sandbox?
The parts are unlocked as you complete the Career Missions. Alternatively, you can unlock all of the parts using an in-app-purchase.

Why are the orbital mechanics so [insert profanity] unrealistic?
Seems to get some folk quite angry this one...try to chill out ;-) The simple answer is...I did it to make the game more playable/accessible. During the early stages of development, Space Agency did have accurate orbital physics - but it soon became apparent that it made the game very (and I mean very!) tedious to play.

I needed to keep the diameter of the planets tiny enough to fit on the small form factor screens. Elliptical orbits around small diameter planets just ends up with constant collisions between any two objects that you put in orbit - that is why Space Agency only has perfectly circular orbits.

Altitude should, obviously, be linked to velocity - to go higher, you go faster - but doing so results in something called the 'orbital rendezvous paradox' - where it becomes very tricky to dock things together in orbit. Docking in orbit is quite a big part of the game, so, not wanting to scare casual players away, I decided to go for playability rather than realism. At the end of the day, Space Agency is a casual mobile phone game - not a NASA training tool.

Could you add an 'Expert mode' with more accurate physics?
It isn't going to happen ;-)

The engines cut-out during launch
There are a couple of potential causes. The first, and most common, is that you have a screen protector or a case fitted that is reducing the sensitivity of your devices screen. Try removing the case/screen protector. The second possible cause is that some Android tablet devices have a hard-coded 20-second touch timeout. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to code around that.

I completed the mission, but wasn't awarded with a Gold
You used a checkpoint.

Mission 12 - There isn't enough time to complete the mission
Oh yes there is! Hint - multitask.

Mission 14 - I've completed the mission, but it hasn't been recognised
You've built the rocket using incorrect parts. Use the parts listed in the breifing.

Mission 20 - I attach the sensor wings, but nothing happens
Make sure that you've attached the wings the correct way around. Double check the diagram in the mission briefing. It is not as easy as it first seems.

Mission 28 - I can't land the Seismometer on BLU
Make sure that your velocity is correct. It must match the flashing purple indicator as closely as possible. Try practicing (and reading!) Tutorial 11.

I can't complete Mission <insert number> - is it a bug?
It probably isn't a bug. It is possible to complete all of the missions in Space Agency - and many people have done so. If the method that you are attempting isn't working, have a re-think, and try something different. Look at the briefing to see which objectives you haven't completed.

When is there going to be an update?
I tend to work on several games/projects all at once, working on Space Agency when I feel in the mood. So, it's difficult to say when the next update will be finished. But don't panic - there will be one!

Can I help with development?
Thanks for the offer, but no. I prefer to work alone - I'm grumpy - look at my logo.

Can I help with beta testing?

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